"Goodbye, Africa..." - Author’s Book

Divulges his adventures in both idyllic and troubling times. 

“Goodbye, Africa…” is the true story of Desmond Bishop (alias Raymond Spenser) who grew up in 1940's South Africa. In the 50's the family moved up to Northern Rhodesia and, later, down to Southern Rhodesia... All very different places. He experiences  the politics; the wildlife; and explores as many different creative outlets  as he can. This sets the stage for his enlightening and inspiring global adventure!



 About the Author:

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Author Desmond Bishop writes because he wants to engage the world around him. He started writing educational documentaries for the ABC in Sydney in 1975. Desmond has worked as a producer and a teacher. His next book, The Wizard of Zee, tells the story of a boy who meets a wizard who teaches him to believe in himself. Desmond grew up in British colonial Southern Africa. Although he now spends time in Asia, he enjoys traveling back to Nimbin, Australia, where he has a deep connection to the community.

"Goodbye, Africa..."


5 Star review on Amazon Books from Colin Oriti - 6 Nov, 2010

Portrait of an Artist as a Young African

 from The Blue Mountains, Australia

'I read Goodbye Africa shortly after watching the 2010 World Cup hosted by South Africa and noted there were no vuvuzelas blaring in the background. For Bishop's work is on the side of art, drama in particular, and not sport. It is an excellent and very engaging account of his life and struggles for his art in colonial and post colonial Africa, in particular South Africa, Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia) and Zimbabwe. That Raymond Spenser is Desmond Bishop is apparent from the outset from a news story featuring his trouble in the infant South African TV (SABC-TV) for his subtle critique of apartheid, albeit, even in childrens' TV. His opposition to apartheid shows over the years of his artistic development and his departure from Africa on a few occasions resulted from it.

This autobiography is an African version of "A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man" and well worth the read. I googled Demond bishop and got many returns for Desmond Bishop Tutu, who I am sure would also read and approve of 'Goodbye, Africa,' the old Africa of colonialism and apartheid. Get your copy now!'

5 Star Review (2) on Amazon Books by Brian Wale, 28th June,2010

from Chonburi, Thailand

'I was privileged to review an advanced copy of this book by Desmond Bishop. I found it an excellent read, full of interesting anecdotes: family, political, geogrphical and wilderness. So encompasses many intriguing facets of life.'

PRLog (Press Release)May 04, 2010 – As a child, Raymond has extraordinary dreams of becoming a magician, an actor and a director. He also aspires to experience the “real Africa.” In the 1950s, he travels to Lusaka where the kindly people teach him about Shakespeare and encourage him to believe in his aspirations. From this point on in his travels, the people Raymond meets on his journey help him to achieve his dreams.

After a decade of traveling through Southern Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia, Raymond attains his professional goal: TV production in Sydney, Johannesburg, Canberra and Harare; as well as theatre and radio production.

Racial politics impel Raymond and his family to reach the Australian safe haven of Canberra. Then, in the 1980s, Raymond moves with his wife and two sons to Zimbabwe, where he works as a producer and teacher, and becomes deeply involved in the local
community. But soon, Raymond sees the inevitable writing on the
wall. It’s time to say “goodbye” to Africa…

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